Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy
Terms and Conditions
Our Academy is a professional training program – for this reason, once you make the decision you are committed to the international certification and training program.

By registering for the Inspired Spirit Coaching program, I understand and agree to the following payment terms for my registration.
  • I understand I am committing to paying the entire tuition in full (whether as one payment or payment plan) as I am enrolling in an extensive coach training and certification program and have access to intellectual property which is worth far more than the price of the program.
  • ​This is a binding agreement and once I register payments cannot be cancelled whether the program has commenced or not, or whether I have accessed the members area or not and payments are non-refundable (except where required by Australian Consumer Law). I understand there are no refunds because I thought the program would be different than advertised or my circumstances changed (except where required by Australian Consumer Law).
  • ​ I understand the ISCA will teach me how to ‘Earn as You Learn’ and I will have the skills to earn money as a coach during the program if I choose. However, I also have or will find the resources necessary to pay my monthly payment (if on a payment plan) if I do not take on paying clients during my training.
  • ​I understand once Certified, I have lifetime access to the training inside the members area (for as long as its active and the program is offered).
  • ​I understand this training and members area is for my own personal use and I will not share my access to the training with anyone else as it is a breach of copyright and I understand I would be liable for any legal fees due to the breach.
  • ​Late fees will be charged for payments not received, or unable to be processed, by payment plan due date (every 4 weeks/28 days)
  • ​For each change made to the existing payment plan, there will be an admin fee of $25 added to my account (payable at the end of the payment plan)
  • If paying by payment plan, I understand that if, for any reason whatsoever, I do not make a full and complete payment of that months tuition, then I may no longer be eligible for this payment plan and I may be fully responsible for the total sum immediately and access to the members area will be denied until payments are up to date and all credit cards on file may be used to process outstanding payments.
  • I  understand if access is denied due to non-payment, once payment is made it may take 3 or more working days to manually have access to the members area re-instated.
  • ​I understand that if my payments are not deducted as per our agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, it is my responsibility to let the ISCA know and to continue payments in another manner (bank transfer or cheque) until the automatic payments are re-instated.
  • ​If paying by payment plan and my payments consistently decline and my account is in default, I will also be responsible for any additional fees charged by  the registered Collection Agency or legal team to handle receiving the full outstanding amount due.
  • ​I understand all prices quoted are in USD. If paying by payment plan, I understand I am being charged in US dollars and if I am from another country the actual charge on my credit card may change each month depending on the exchange rate from US Dollars into my own currency at the time of the banks processing. I understand Inspired Spirit Coaching charges in US dollars and has no control over the international exchange rates (this rate usually only varies by a few dollars)
  • ​I understand I will be responsible for any legal or collection fees which might arise and any additional expenses which may be incurred by the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy in efforts to obtain full payment if I fail to meet the conditions of this Agreement.
  • ​I understand any physical products shipped as bonuses will incur a small handling/shipping fee as stated below and 100% Qoin payments are eligible for all bonuses except the Fast Action Bonuses.
  • ​I understand there is additional required reading for certification and I can choose to purchase this material or borrow from the library if available.
  • ​I understand that by registering for the Inspired Spirit Coaching program, that I am committed to my own personal growth and agree to apply all I learn in my own life and therefore be an even better coach for my clients.
  • ​I believe I was called to the ISCA for a reason and am willing to step up, commit and embrace this exciting journey
  • ​I have read this agreement and accept all terms and am looking forward to becoming an Inspired Spirit Certified Coach
Please note: As an ISCA coach, you’ll learn how to create a successful and fulfilling coaching business although results vary depending on the time and effort you personally put in. We believe we offer the most comprehensive coach training and business program in the world and confidently stand behind your success. You’ll have access to our Abundance For Coaches program which guides you step by step through exactly what you can do to create success once completing your ISCA certification (and know that many of our coaches are making money coaching long before they complete their certification)
Freight/Handling/Refund/Exchange/Cancellation Policy
Digital bonuses are delivered free of charge - however they are valuable intellectual property and cannot be shared with others without permission.

HTBWWF Books - 5 or 10 depending on which intake you registered for.
The small fee charged for shipping physical products to your door covers part of the fulfillment and shipping costs the ISCA incurs when sending physical products to you. If you have received products and your tuition falls into default, you will be liable for payment of the physical products at retail price.
Within Australia – shipping/handling for 5 books $3.60 USD per item
All other places and countries, freight/shipping/handling for 5 books $5.80 USD per item

The small fee charged for shipping physical products to your door covers part of the fulfillment and shipping costs the ISCA incurs when sending physical products to you. If you have received products and your tuition falls into default, you will be liable for payment of the physical products at retail price.

* Actual physical products supplied may be subject to change based on stock availability, however similar products to the equivalent will always be supplied.

*​If you have been given access to the members area and your account falls into default you will be liable to pay for the initial bonus digital products (whether or not you have accessed them), at a cost of USD$997. 
All products are guaranteed against defects. We will gladly replace any products found defective for up to 14 days, so please check your product/s within that time frame. Please check products received and contact our office on 07-5476-5584 b.h. within 14 days to receive a return confirmation number (RCN) for faulty products and return details. Products will not be accepted without RCN. We will replace all faulty products within 14 days of delivery.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions as listed above in regard to refunds and cancellations. 
*In light of current world circumstances, for all order placed during 2020 - In extenuating circumstances due to illness, you may be able to terminate your payment plan (although no refunds will be issued).  However a signed Doctors Certificate will need to be supplied before we can look at each individuals case.